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Spades Ink Lock Recovery Skin

Roll Size: 6" x 360" (30')
Give your new tattoo the ultimate protection and care it deserves with Spades Ink Lock. This innovative bandage goes beyond basic aftercare, offering a breathable and waterproof barrier that shields your tattoo from infection while promoting optimal healing.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Protection: Unique latex-free formula creates a powerful barrier against dirt, bacteria, and irritants.
  • Breathable Comfort: Allows your skin to breathe naturally for a comfortable healing experience.
  • Waterproof and Flexible: Protects your tattoo in the shower and moves with your body for unrestricted movement.
  • Painless Removal: No more ripping or irritation – Spades Ink Lock removes easily without residue.
  • Photogenic Matte Finish: Reduces shine and glare, highlighting the vibrant colors and crisp details of your tattoo.
  • Advanced Moisture Management: Maintains the perfect balance to prevent dryness or excess moisture, promoting optimal healing.

Spades Ink Lock elevates your tattoo aftercare routine. Choose unbeatable protection, comfort, and a flawless finish for a stunning, long-lasting tattoo.

Spades Ink Lock Recovery Skin

  • Clean the tattoo and surrounding area before applying Ink Lock. Cut a section of film big enough to cover the entire [tattoo] with at least 1.5" extra on each side. Remove film from backing and apply stocky side to the skin. Starting at the center, use light pressure to apply the film outward toward the edges of the tattoo. Lastly, peel away the top layer of the film.

    It's normal to see pooling of plasma or discharge under your Ink Lock. This is okay, barring any leakage. If leakage does occur, remove the film, clean the area with unscented soap and warm water, and pat dry. Next apply a new layer of Ink Lock. If leakage does not occur, wait approximately 48 hours and then follow the above step. After a total of 6-7 days you can remove your Ink Lock and follow the tattoo care instructions provided by your tattoo artist.

    Warning: Do not leave Ink Lock on for longer than 7 days. If you notice anything abnormal in the healing process, such as unusual irritation, remove the film and contact your artist.

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