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Sketch Steam S330 Wireless Tattoo Machine

This superior tool is meticulously designed for professional tattoo artists who crave precision and outstanding performance in their craft.

At the heart of the S330 lies a custom, high-precision brushless motor. This precision-engineered component dramatically reduces noise and vibration, providing an unparalleled tattooing experience. Accommodating a wide array of artistic techniques,  power output can be minutely adjusted from 5V to 12V in precise 0.1v increments via an intuitive control interface.

The device is equipped with a full-color AMOLED display, a convenient gateway to critical information such as voltage, battery status, and session duration at a glance. Moreover, the S330’s ambient light feature contributes to a harmonious workspace,Available in 8 color options, allowing you to make your own unique selection.

Ergonomics is a key focus in the design of the S330. It features a 34 mm grip, contoured for comfort and compatibility with the majority of needle cartridges. Further customization is possible with the adjustable needle depth ranging from 0 to 4 mm, accommodating diverse tattoo applications.

Freed from the constraint of cords, the S330 promises a substantial battery life of up to 8 hours, powered by a replaceable NCR18500A battery, allowing uninterrupted workflow even for extended tattoo sessions.

Technical Specifications:
Operating Voltage: 5.0v - 12.0v
Needle Protrusion: 0 - 4.0 mm
Body Length: 135 mm
Body Diameter: 33 mm
Grip Diameter: 34 mm
Weight: Approx. 170 g (without battery) / 203 g (with battery)
Motor Type: Custom Brushless motor
Material: Premium aircraft-grade aluminum
Connection: Wireless
Available Stroke: 3.5mm

Sketch Steam S330 Wireless Tattoo Machine

  • Warranty Policy
    Thank you for your support of our products. Our products have been strictly inspected, and each process has undergone a large number of tests to meet international standards. However, due to the large production volume, there will be some inactive reactions. For problems with extremely small probability, in order to satisfy customers, we have launched a 365-day replacement warranty service to ensure a 100% satisfactory shopping experience.

    Warranty Object
    For Ai-tenitas products (including official and third-party service providers), each order will provide warranty service within 365 days from the date of delivery of the purchase order. However, to claim warranty service, you must provide proof of purchase to prove that the product is under warranty.

    How Does the Warranty Work
    When you are sure that there is a problem with the machine, you need to contact us and issue a warranty certificate or purchase certificate to us. If you purchase on our official website, we can easily find your information, but if you purchase from other third parties, you Purchase information is required.

    We confirm that your problem is within the scope of the warranty, we will accept your warranty request, and will take the initiative to get in touch with you for the next replacement service.

    However, the one-year warranty will be void if:
    The machine shows signs of falling
    Evidence of ink/fluid inside the machine and inside the motor assembly
    The machine shows signs of tampering
    The machine has signs you are replacing internal parts yourself

    Non-Warranty Repairs:
    If your device is more than a year old, you can have it repaired, but it's not free. Payment is required for your repair and we will email you before doing any kind of repair.

    Contact for Warranty :

    Toll-free: +86 15940544095

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